Poker Player Boree Started REG

When people earn money they think buying a luxury from its.

It could be anything like a car, house, jewelry etc. But, poker player Liv Boeree surprised the world by investing her money in social cause. Ms. Boree had started an organization that works for philanthropy. The name of the organization is rising for Effective Giving (REG).


New Poker Legislation Launched

New poker legislation has been launched at the federal level for anti online casino games.


Big wins for Edmund Yeung and Jack O'Neill in poker

It must be stated that recently there has a grand mix of live poker and online poker events to talk about.

On the weekend, the whole aim was totally on Dusk Till Dawn where Sky Poker UK Poker Championships 2016 were happening. Already, Jack O'Neill was guaranteed a productive tour thanks to winning the £2200 High Rollerfor £55000, but that magnificent amount was blown out of the water by £210000 won by Edmund Yeung, the Main Event champion.

New York: DFS sites allowed to operate

The two top DFS sites can carry on doing business in the New York cyberspace when they invoke the state’s effort to close down to New York Supreme Court, an appellate panel stated earlier on Monday. DraftKings and FanDuel will have the scope to take action from the residents of New York in the time leading up to their state Supreme Court date in May.

Scott Seiver: A Strategic and Smart Poker Player

When it comes to game of poker one should always think of winning poker titles instead of playing for cashes. The game of poker is always a challenging game according to Scott.

He loves to play the game. He is very hard player as well like so play the game for long time. He is a player who has good records in the entire world poker tournaments. It is away that each one should follow to win cashes according to him. A player can win matches easily if he has his good strategy and likes to play for winning.


Global Poker Index: Urbanovich ranks No.1 for The Ninth Straight Week

Global Poker Index each week releases list of top 300 players in tournaments across the world. The Index uses a formula of accounting six half year results of each player to rank them. Similarly the GPI also rank top performers of the year and uses a formula matching to USA Today global Poker Index point system which considers two six-month periods of players.

Scott Seiver: He is one of the youngest players of poker

Scott Seiver is most handsome good looking and promising player of poker.

And he is basically from Las Vegas. He is one of the youngest players of poker. He has won many of the games. Scott is inspirational to every player of poker. He is the master of poker player and he plays in every game and series of poker. He was not professional before he entered to poker. But now he is one of best professional player of poker. He is named by “gunning4you” in poker world. He is the master blaster of poker.


Why Jay B. Heimowitz record cannot be expunged from the poker heroes’ pages

Since the advent of the World Series of Poker a few years ago, the circuit has been a shot in the arms of talented players.

The platform allows players who can raise their bankroll and play with shrewdness as to survive treacherous elimination stages to rise up the ladder. With increasing opportunities at the global and regional-based poker games, there are players who have played regularly at the event to amass colossal dollars and multiple trove bracelets that are regarded as evasive.

Andoni Larrabe made it through WSOP

Though the Spanish have suffered serious paucity in the international casino arena’s championships, the 2014 World Series of Poker saw Andoni Larrabe rise to the November Nine Finalists.


Johnny Chan-Poker to have won 10 WSOP

The perfect choice which you make matters the most. You should be keen on choosing the right game for you, whereby you can actually help yourself to find time to pass the moments interestingly.

The choice which you choose for to play is what you need to be really looking forward. Choose the game to play, whereby a professional game can sound great and good too, like the Poker game.